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Absolutely brilliant

This is the first flash in ages that's made me properly laugh.
The ending was brilliant. I was expecting something funny to happen, but that took me completely off guard


This was a really clever flash. It really made me think about what it would be like to vomit blood and get my finger chopped off by a metal pole.
Seriously though, I don't know what has happened with newgrounds people. I remember sick flash movies like this would be at least rated 4/5.

The animation was really good and made it more sick which is great. I think this needs to be at least 4.3/5.


Wow, at first I was unsure if this was good or not because the menu looked like it hadn't been drawn that well, but this thing was great.
It's seriously random, but it actually made me laugh (that might not be a good thing).

This flash makes David Firth's "Milkman" toon look like teletubbies.

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pretty good

it's well made and everything, but some of the questions about zombies aren't really that easy to answer since there are many different zombie movies and if there was ever was a time where zombies suddenly came to be, you wouldn't really know what type of zombie they would be.

you have "zombies do not run, nor do they scream", but there are many zombie movies where the zombies run and scream. It would also be safer to expect a zombie to be able to run at you instead of think you could easily just get away without running then suddenly get rushed by them.

another questions is about whether or not corpses can be brought back to life by zombie bites and this has been different with different movies.

You say that grenades are not useful against zombies, but the grenade could easily slow down a large group of zombies and help you escape, so even if it isn't the most useful weapon, it would still come in handy to have one to use.

you also have there is no best answer on the height question, but someone who is very short would have problems climbing up high which could be vital for getting away from zombies. There aren't many places where being short could be an advantage.

some problems

it was ok, but there were some problems I had with it. On one of the levels you're meant to kill the senator who is giving a speech and some guy walks over but looks like he's just standing there then walks away and it turns out that guy was the senator, but I didn't shoot since I thought it was just a trick to get you to kill some random guy.

on one of the levels you're supposed to use night vision, but when I do that I can't move the cursor so I can't shoot the police. Also on that level I understand you wouldn't be able to see harold using night vision while he's in the house because of the light from the rooms, but what's ridiculous is you can't see him with night vision when he's outside of the house

some glitches

I got bored after my car got stuck in a wall and wouldn't come back out so I had to try and walk all the way to the garage and got killed.

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